Technics SL-1210MK7 Direct Drive DJ Turntable [Single]


Brand: Technics
Model: SL-1210MK7
Colour: Black
Units: 1 Unit/Single
Delivery: 3-7 Days

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The legend is back. Updated and re-engineered for the 21st century, the classic Technics DJ turntable remains the industry standard. Top sound, top build quality.

The SL-1210MK7 is the newest model of the SL-1210 Series. For the development of this model, all that modern-day DJs need and want was reviewed from the ground up. At the drive section of the MK7 is a coreless direct drive motor. While achieving both stable rotation and powerful torque, this has successfully eliminated a rotation irregularity called cogging, which was the only drawback of the direct drive system. As a result, sound quality was further improved. The pitch control incorporates digital control to achieve improved tracking performance and accuracy. The buttons and tonearm are black to complete the all black design, and the LED light can be set to illuminate in red or blue. A reverse play function has been added to expand the breadth of DJ play style. With those features and functions, the MK7 aims to set a new standard for DJ turntables.

High torque direct drive motor
8 / 16 % pitch range
Pitch reset switch
Reverse play
Adjustable start and stop time
33, 45 amd 78 RPM
Improved motor
Improved audio isolation
LED cue lamp
Switch LEDs can be set to blue or red
Slipmat included
Detachable audio and power cables